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Title: The Compass Cards
Subtitle: The right direction for training and learning ... in your pocket!
Author: DELTA unit of the ITCILO
This title is available in: Printed stock
Price: 40.00 add to cartadd to cart
Languages available: English
Type: Set of cards
Pages: 60
Additional info: Set of cards containing knowledge sharing and learning facilitation methods
Format: 9 x 14 cm
Year: 2014
ISBN: 978-92-9049-725-7
Publisher: ITCILO
Description: The Compass uses the metaphor of a navigational instrument to guide trainers through a repository of sixty participatory learning, training and knowledge sharing methods to be used in any workshop or meeting. The Compass methods help trainers to achieve their training aim, offering activities which suit different learning styles, group sizes, and the time available. Compass methods have been made accessible and fully portable through mobile sets of cards for trainers and facilitators. Cards are as portable as a mobile device, but lighter; they can be carried on assignments to support informed decisions even when the internet connection is unstable. In order to differentiate them from similar products, the Compass cards have been enriched with the visualization of space patterns (movement of people in the space during the implementation of the methods) and augmented reality data (short introductory videos and supporting links).
Category: Training Material - Modular Series on Training of Trainers


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