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Title: Social Dialogue
Subtitle: A manual for trade union education
Author: Dr Kristin Carls and Dr Jeff Bridgford
This title is available in: Print on demand (digital); Printed copies can be requested at: actrav_turin@itcilo.org
Price B/W: € 14.04 add to cartadd to cart
Price colour: € 32.06 add to cartadd to cart
Languages available: English; Croatian; Hungarian; Polish; Romanian
Pages: 90
Additional info:
Format: 210 x 297
Year: 2012
ISBN: 978-92-9049-664-9
Publisher: ITCILO
Description: This manual on Social Dialogue is designed for trade union trainers responsible for organizing courses at the sectoral and/or national level. A particular focus is put on the Central and Eastern European Countries, both EU New Member States and Candidate Countries, and thus the specific conditions and needs trade unionists from these countries face when it comes to strengthening Social Dialogue. The manual comprises seven short training modules, each dealing with a specific issue. In Modules 1-4, training focuses on enabling trade unionists to gain a better understanding of the different aspects and levels of Social Dialogue. These modules cover a basic introduction to Social Dialogue, some more detailed explanations of the national and European level processes, as well as a presentation of European Works Councils as one specific instrument of company-based transnational dialogue. Modules 5 and 6 focus on skills training. They address the specific Social Dialogue competences of conflict resolution and negotiation skills. Module 7 deals with gender mainstreaming - a crucial, transversal topic in all Social Dialogue processes. The Manual was developed in English in 2012 during the ITC-ILO capacity-building project for EFFAT and industriALL affiliates in New Member States and Candidate Countries. It has been translated into Romanian, Croatian, Polish, Hungarian, Slovenian, Czech, Lithuanian and Bulgarian.
Category: Manual - Workers’ Education


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